Welcome to Evolution Fitness! Evolution Fitness has helped many people achieve great results ~ through boot camp class, 1-1 personal training & nutritional guidance!  Click here to see some of client success stories! At Evolution Fitness, we build our pride by helping clients adopt a healthy lifestyle with individualized nutrition and fitness plans. I challenge each of my clients to work harder than you ever have, push yourself beyond that comfort zone!  I am here to educate you with the tools you need to succeed and motivate you to stick with the plan even when you do not want to.  But you must be COMMITTED and use the tools. I offer a variety of fitness and health services to those in the Capital District NY area.  Please click HERE for more information.  If you do not live in the area, but want to work with our fitness experts, we also offer online programs to meet your needs. 

About Us

Debi Condon, Owner, Instructor


I  have always been an active person, but never had a consistent workout  routine.  I was always "just happy & content" with my body and  weight.  Between 2001-2005 I had 3 children, all large at birth and all  delivered via c-sections.  With each subsequent child, I kept a few  pounds on.  By 2006, I was starting to push the limits with a size 10-12  pants and knew that if I did not do something & remain consistent  with it, I was going to go down a road that I did not want to be on.  In  December 2006, my neighbor asked me if I was interested in joining  Weight Watchers with her.  My response was "sure" but I knew I was not  committed.  My diet was my main focus at this point ~ I started counting  my points, watching my portions and choosing better food.  I slowly  started adding in walking around my neighborhood and then strength  training exercises.  By August 2007, I have lost 30 pounds, hit my  lifetime goal with Weight Watchers and was fitting into a size 4 pants.   In September 2007, I started researching more strength training &  eating more clean food (all natural, unprocessed).  Since then I have  continued to work on building my muscle tone and maintaining my weight.  

I  know that there are hundreds of people who have a very similar  situation as I did as well as hundreds of frustrated people looking to  lose weight and get in shape.  This is why I followed my dream of  becoming a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and started Evolution  Fitness.  I will show you how to GET FIT and STAY FIT without having to  belong to a gym or need expensive exercise equipment.


ISSA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
ISSA Certified Fitness Nutritional Specialist
TRX Certified Instructor
Certified Boot Camp Instructor
CPR/AED Certified, American Red Cross
BS Degree in Business 


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Boot Camp

What is boot camp?

A  fitness boot camp program is a great choice for those who want a kick  start to reaching their fitness goals, a refreshing change for those in a  workout rut or a new challenge to help reach a even higher level of  fitness.  No matter where you are in your fitness journey, it is a fun  and challenging way to increase your level of fitness.  Evolution  Fitness offers boot camp classes in the Clifton Park Center area. 

Results seen from Boot Camp:

  • Pounds and inches lost
  • Built lean muscle mass
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Feeling confident
  • Overall healthy attitude

What do you get from boot camp?


  • Friendship and Accountability 
  • Tracking  ~ We recommend on Day 1 and the last day to take your weight and  measurements (not mandatory) so we can monitor your progress.  No one  will see this information but rather than getting on your scale every  day and getting discouraged if you are not seeing results, we will  monitor and track these results so you can see your true progress.
  • Flexibility  ~ Life happens and sometimes things come up that we cannot make it to  class.  Rest assured you will not lose any classes you may have  pre-purchased with us!  You can feel free to jump into any other class.   If your schedule changes dramatically, talk with us and we will see how  we can accommodate you.
  • Unlimited  Email Support ~ Be able to communicate with us when we are not at boot  camp!  We will help you stay on track, answer any questions and provide  motivation & support while not in class!  

Boot Camp Registration Wavier

 At Evolution Fitness in Clifton Park Center, we are committed to helping YOU create a healthy lifestyle with exercise, nutrition counseling, boot camp classes & wellness coaching that is affordable.  We have a program for YOU!  Don't delay in making your life healthy, you deserve it NOW!  

Services offered: 

  • Personal Training in Clifton Park Center or online and either 1-1 or small group 
  • Fitness Nutrition Guidance 
  • Boot Camp in Clifton Park Center and throughout the Capital District NY 
  • TRX classes 
  • and more



Having been part of the Evolution Fitness family for a year now, I cannot believe how much stronger I have become.  On the way to my first bootcamp class I was debating on turning around & going home ~ I didn't know anyone, I barely exercised in the last 8 years after having my son and I was nervous thinking I would "look" funny, but also knowing I had told Debi I would be there I knew I couldn't turn around.  Within the first few minutes of the class, and now a year later, not turning around was the best decision I had made.  Debi made me feel welcomes, always had a modification for me but yet always encouraged me on, made sure I felt ok and never ever made me feel like I "looked" funny :-)  In the spring of this year, I decided to join the Evolution Fitness 1st Day to 5K running program & ran my first 5K, which then moved on to three other 5K's during the year with Debi & the crew.  It would be very remiss of me if I didn't say that being a part of the Evolution Fitness family is one of the best things anyone could do for themselves.  Thank you Debi!  ~ Melanie L.

When I was invited by a friend to check out Evolution Fitness Boot Camp, I was skeptical to say the least. I had attended a Boot Camp about a year ago and only did one session because I felt that it was way too advanced for me. I didn't feel that I was being as successful as I could be, I felt defeated.  I went to Evolution Fitness Boot Camp with an open mind and really enjoyed the first night. Not only did I enjoy the first night, I've enjoyed every session since then. I'm now beginning my third month of training with Evolution Fitness. The instructor, Debi Condon, is superb! She demonstrates the exercise and for those less capable gives the modified version and for those more advanced shows the most aggressive version. I feel successful here! There are people from every age to every ability level. If you have a problem area (disability) Debi will work with you and find you a way to work around it. This is the first time in a long time that I've worked out and I can feel it. It feels great. I feel firmer and stronger. Debi uses different techniques at each class whether it be circuit training or concentrating on problem areas, she always knows how to mix it up and helps us to challenge ourselves and provides encouragement every step along the way. Give Evolution Fitness a try, I don't think that you'll be disappointed. All of the people there are great and Debi is top-notch. ~ Barbara T.

I have never felt better about myself in my whole life. I can't believe how much I have changed in a few short months through boot camp. First, I will start my telling you I HATED to workout. I was athletic in high school. I played soccer and I was a cheerleader. When I got to college that all changed. I got more lazy and concentrated on school work and last night studying and snacking changed my body faster than I could blink. At first it was tolerable but after 3 years and many sizes bigger, I realized I needed to change my life. I heard about Debi's boot camp and initially I said NO WAY! That sounds way too hard for me to do. I finally agreed to do it but the night before it was supposed to start, I got no sleep. I was so paranoid about it. I tossed and turned all night. When I got there and started working out I felt even worse about myself. I couldn't even run for 2 minutes or do a single push-up. I am only 21 years old and to not be able to do anything without gasping for air after 2 minutes of not even high intensity workout really put it in perspective for me. I made a promise to myself that I would get healthy and fit and I was committed to staying with boot camp. After the 4 weeks, I was down 8lbs and 6inches. I was so happy. Debi was not at all what I expected. I thought someone was going to be yelling in my face and knocking me down - I mean after all it's called boot camp and I automatically thought Oh no, this is going to be like the Army. Finding out that it wasn't and how kind and motivating Debi was, really helped me commit to be fit. I continued to work out at college and lost 10 more pounds. I was so excited with the results I was seeing. I rejoined boot camp when I came home from college since January I have lost about 15 more pounds and I am in clothes that I haven't been able to wear since Senior Year of high school! I have never felt so good about myself in my life. I joined this journey with one goal - that I am still committed to - and that goal was to do this for no one but myself. I wasn't going to do it to look good for any other person, I wanted to do this for me and this was all about me. Having this mentality has helped me so much. Without Debi and boot camp, I would still be hiding behind my fake happy smile that made it seem like everything was ok but inside I knew I hated the way I looked. Since joining boot camp and meeting Debi, I have gained confidence, motivation, integrity, self-pride and a new outlook on life. I am thankful to Debi everyday. I look forward to boot camp and I LOVE working out. Never ever have I said that before. I just bought myself a dress for a wedding and it was a 3!!!!. I haven't worn a 3 EVER. It was really hard for me to except the fact I am that size now. The last time I saw a 3 was when it was the second number on my pant size. I recommend anyone and everyone to join boot camp. It is the kick in the ass everyone needs to start a healthier life. It is never too late and no one is too old or too out of shape to do it. Those are just excuses! If I can do it, anyone can - seriously, not kidding. I couldn't run a single lap or do one push up in July of '10. On this very day, July 20, 2011, I can say I can run 3.4 miles without stopping and do 25 regular pushups with no problem. I am a believer now and you can be too. Commit to fit - I did, and I have never felt better about myself. Being happy with what you see in the mirror changes your whole day and life. Being happy with how you look is the first step to a happier life. Everyone should at least try to take that step. I am so glad I did. Thank you Debi and Evolution Fitness for helping me through my journey. Words cannot describe how grateful I am towards you. A million thank yous isn't enough. But thank you, Debi! ~ Stacie D.

I only have very positive things to say about Boot camp w/ Debi Condon as our instructor. I find myself with more energy and I believe I can reach the physical goals I have been trying to obtain for some time. And with knowing the difference it makes, I feel as though my goals are not out of reach. I would recommend BOOT CAMP to anyone that wants a self driven goal achieving workout, that leaves you feeling energetic and simply happy with yourself. I'd also like to send a big THANK YOU out to our instructor Debi who at times pushes what seems a bit to hard but who has the true desire to make each of us feel/look better after each workout!  ~ Katrina P

A personal heartfelt thank you and debt of gratitude to Debi Condon at Evolution Fitness.  In the last few months, Debi has helped to jump start my fitness goals with very clear results.  However, not only is Debi an inspiring Personal Fitness Trainer and Boot Camp Instructor, but also a caring friend.  Since we first met, it was clear that she genuinely cares about the individuals she works with.  Her motivation spans far past the workout session - her continuous presence in providing motivational support, healthy tips & always compassionate ear when needed. Without Debi, my continuing transformation would not be possible! ~ Sabra-Joi D

“I just finished Evolution Fitness' 6 week boot camp session and would recommend this program to anyone wanting to lose inches, increase stamina and endurance all while having fun! Each exercise can be modified depending on your fitness level and Debi does a great job of pushing just enough without going overboard. Do not let the words "boot camp" scare you off! Debi put a lot of thought into each work out, making sure each one was different, to prevent boredom. She was very knowledgeable, and always willing to answer any questions we had. I am already looking forward to attending the next session in January!” ~ Deanne S.

“I decided I needed to make a change in my life once and for all so since June I have been incorporating exercise into my life on a regular basis. I lost 16lbs through the Weight Watchers plan, but I knew I needed a more formal workout routine in addition to my cardio. My sister and a friend posted information about Evolution Fitness’ boot camp on Facebook and it sounded like fun. I have to tell you it wasn’t always easy, but I couldn’t have had more fun doing it. Debi was extremely knowledgeable, caring, flexible, and her sense of humor made the really hard parts just a little bit more enjoyable. I would recommend this class to anyone and I’m already looking forward to starting the new class in January!” ~ Debbie M.

"Evolution Fitness has helped me finally get healthy. They taught me how to eat right, how to incorporate exercise into my daily schedule, and how to make positive changes in my life.  I have lost 5lbs so far!  Thank you!"    ~ Chris B.

“Psyched with the results I'm seeing, thanks to Evolution Fitness!!”~ Jason G.

“I have lost 9.5 inches & 9.5lbs in 4 weeks, noticing my clothes feeling loose, I have more energy, less bloated & just feel better about me!  Thank you Evolution Fitness!” ~ Lynn O.

"I made sure this year that my New Year's resolution was NOT to lose weight but to become a healthy mother & wife for my family.  Being at your boot camp, just those two days, gives me the time I need away to take care of myself & in turn I am losing weight and feel so great!  Thank you for helping me become the Mom I want to be!" ~ Carrie D.

"I have been working with Debi at bootcamp since January and have lost 4 inches in my waist! She keeps the group motivated by planning workouts that continue to challenge our bodies!" ~ Aimee S.


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